Release 0.6.1b PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 May 2009 14:40

0.6.1b is priliminary a bug fix release with small amount of features added. 
Bug fixes: 
now english language by default; 
flow can be connected to multiple stocks visually; 
path cannot contain any charachters not in latin charset; 
undo/redo stack bugs; 
ui commands go cyclic sometimes; 
crazy jumps of split pane divider; 
steams and connectors don't save their bendpoints when restoring after delition. 
entity name editor enchancements; 
editor grid; 
enitites and functions are sorted by name in UI; 
new runtime variable (DT together with old variable TIME); 
some new functions are implemented; 
composite command for moving; 
easy way to add bendpoint to any arrow.

What operational system of family you use?